May 17, 2005

Eurealist :: The Ten Commandments

If you want to cut through the 300 pages of incomprehesible legalese Czech President Vaclav Klaus could be of some assistance, via EU Realist.
1. Under the new Constitution European Union, states will lose their current exclusive right to form their own laws and the Czech Republic's weight in the voting procedures will fall compared to the current state.

2. The European Union will become one state, and its members will be mere regions or provinces in this newly-established state of federalistic type.

3. The EU Constitution will be superior to the member countries' constitutions.

4. The very term of the constitutional treaty is imprecise and is only temporary because after the ratification, the document will become a real constitution.

5. The current concept of shared sovereignty will be abandoned and new, pan-European sovereignty will appear in which the EU member countries will lose their exclusive right to form their own laws.

6. Citizens of individual countries will become citizens of the state of the European Union with the rights and obligations directly towards the institutions of this European state.

7. EU member countries will only be able to exercise those powers that the EU constitution will leave them, and not the opposite way as was an original idea of European integration.

8. It will be the EU and not its member states that will conclude international agreements with other countries.

9. In the voting procedures, the weight of small EU member countries, including the Czech Republic, will be decreased.

10.Even those areas of decision- making in which EU members will keep their right of veto in the future, this right could be transferred to the area of a majority voting any moment. It will only be enough for the presidents or prime ministers of the EU member countries to agree on this, without the possibility of the national parliaments to make their own decision on the issue.
Strange isn't it that the only people that claim the EU isn't slowly becoming a State are British Europhile politicians? It is openly acknowleged, by both sides of the debate, on the continent.


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